Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wisdom From the Word Wednesdays

I am hoping to start something new next week. I am going to call it (at least right now) Wisdom From The Word Wednesdays. I have been doing an in depth study of 1st John since about November and today just started a study in Ephesians. There is SO much meat in these books. I won't share everything I am learning, but I will share bits and pieces of what I have learned. I would encourage you to also be doing an in depth book study from God's Word-if you aren't already. I would love to hear what you are learning from God's Word and how it is changing and shaping your life.


Lorentzen Family said...

I wish there was a like butten to click on blogs. LOL! I am looking forward to your Wednesday posts.

Cheri said...

Me too! :)