Tuesday, March 16, 2010


In October, we planted 50 garlic cloves in our garden beds. October may sound a little late for planting, but we planted the garlic in the fall because that is the way it grows around here. The plants are growing tall and should be ready to harvest sometime next month or early May, depending on what the weather is like. We should have almost enough garlic to last a whole year, but some of it we will save to use for planting this fall. We prefer growing our food, to buying it in the store.

So what do we use garlic for? Besides adding it to food for flavoring, it has many medicinal purposes, as well. Here are a few things that we use it for:

1. Allergies
2. Arthritis
3. Cough and cold

The list above are just a few of the things it is good for. If you are interested in find out more things it is good for, get the book "Practical Herbalism" by Philip Fritchey.

(I learned all of the above from my Mom. She is a great teacher. I love her!)

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Lorentzen Family said...

That's great! I am so glad to hear your garlic is growing well.

I have learned that it is very good for the heart as well. To get the best medicinal use out of your garlic when cooking, add it toward the end. The less heat it has to endure the better it is for you.

Great post thanks for sharing!