Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Cleaning 2010

Well, our spring cleaning officially begun a couple of weeks ago. We started with the yard. Ralph mowed for the first time since last fall, the girls pulled some weeds, I sprayed some more weeds with weed killer and did a little trimming of a bush in the front yard. I also emptied the soil out of our large pots into the raised beds and cleaned some algae off of the front rails.

But this spring cleaning will be different then the others we have had so far. "We" (really Ralph is doing most of the work) are doing a bathroom renovation. This will be a first for us. Ralph has already taken out the sink and cupboard and towel racks, next will be the toilet, then the sub-floor and light fixture. We have already purchased the new sink and cupboard, toilet, light fixture, towel racks and tiles for the floor. I will take some photos of the process. I already have one of the before photos, but haven't loaded them onto my computer yet. It is an exciting prospect. One down fall though is, under the sub-flooring is mold and mildew (the big reason for the renovation) and we are both allergic to it. Ralph will wear a mask as he takes up the sub-floor and I will get in and clean the underneath with bleach and whatever else we think will work.

Stay tuned for photos and updates as this progresses. We have a goal of having it finished by Easter!
(Here are the photos I promised.)

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