Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Are You an Admirer or a Follower of Christ?

"And Christ's life indeed makes it manifest, terrifyingly manifest, what dreadful untruth it is to admire the truth instead of following it. When there is no danger, when there is a dead calm, when everything is favorable to our Christianity, then it is all too easy to confuse an admirer with a follower.

And this can happen very quietly. The admirer can be under the delusion that the position he takes is the true one, when all he is doing is playing it safe. Give heed, therefore, to the call of discipleship!

If you have any knowledge of human nature, who can doubt that Judas was an admirer of Christ? "


Here is a quote that Ann Voskamp's blog today. To read her article in it's entirety go to Holy Experience.

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Lorentzen Family said...

Lanita, thank you so much for posting this. Tears run down...it just meant so much to read these words today.