Wednesday, March 31, 2010


You probably are wondering what medicine God has made, well I will tell you. God made HERBS! I am so glad that God made herbs, they have so many different things that you can use them for, here are some of their uses.

They are good for you if you have allergies.

Right know my Dad has allergies and my mom had allergies just a couple of days ago and I have given her several herbs and know she is all better from her allergies for now. Here is a list of herbs that help with allergies:


Blue Violet Leaf




Echinacea Leaf



These are just a few of the herbs that help with allergies.

One thing that I do is heat 2 cups of water and put a few drops of Eucalyptus Essential oil and have dad or mom (whoever has allergies ) put a blanket or towel over their heads and hold the water with essential oil under their nose for 5 minutes, it helps clear their sinuses.

I also like to put some Eucalypts leaf in a potpourri pot with water and have it on all day.

Here is a list of other herbs and some of the things that they are good for.


Helps with stomach aches and headaches.


Helps you relax and helps with headaches.

Licorice Root

Helps sore throats and helps if you are losing your voice. (Horse Throat)

Bee Pollen- One time my sister cut her thumb and it would not stop bleeding so I gave her some Bee Pollen tea and in a couple of minutes her thumb stopped bleeding.

Red Raspberry Leaf

Helps with labor pains and other female pains. (Remember there are some herbs that you cannot take when pregnant)

Orange peels

Help with bronchitis and you can also dry them and make vitamin C powder by grinding them.


Help with mouth sores, just put a whole clove on the sore and soon it will heal it, it might sting for a minute and you might have to do it a couple of times but it will heal it.


Is very good for your teeth, it help you keep your teeth health and can help you not to have cavities. You can steep a cup of tea and put a cinnamon stick in it and when you are done drinking your tea take your cinnamon stick out and eat it.


Yes, it is that weed in yard and along the roads and well almost everywhere, it really is a herb that has many uses. You can use all parts of a dandelion, the leafs, stem, roots and flowers, they are best to be picked before the flowers open. Here are some of the things that dandelion helps with:

-Lowers blood pressure

-Helps build energy

-Helps with weight lose

-One of the best liver cleansers

-Used to treat skin disease

-Used to help cancer, Diabetes and helps with digestion

-It helps with fevers.


Can help relieve congestion and helps with fevers and helps you relax and relieve achy muscles, it also helps remove toxins from the body, helps you with digestion and is good for relieving motion sickness or morning sickness.

Horse tail (also known as shave grass)

No, you do not just go and cut some hair off your horses’ tail and make some tea, but you can use this plant called horse tail and it is good for helping your nails and hair to grow and also strengthens them.

These are only a few of the herbs that God has made and there are other herbs that help with some of the same things and there are a lot of other herbs that help with different things.

I think that most people would be surprised to know that a flower in their garden or in the front yard might really be an herb. God made these herbs so we can use them to help us stay healthy,

People in the Bible days did not have medicines like we have today. Their medicines where made out of herbs, they would also use herbs to put on their dead before they were buried, they would also use herbs to season there food and they would use them to put on their burnt offerings to God.

I love to use herbs and I like to learn about them, I hope that many people will try to find herbs and use them. You can use them for so many things and you can find so many books on how to use herbs.

I hope you will want to learn more about herbs and their uses and why God made them for us to use.

Here are some of the books that we use:

-Practical Herbalism

-The Herbal Body Book

-The Herbal Home Remedy Book

-Herbal Healing for Women

-The How to Herb Book

-Family Herbal

We find our herbs and most of our books at Bulk Herb or Mountain Rose Herbs.

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A Joyful Chaos said...

Herbs are so useful! We like to gather mallow leaves, flowers, and cheeses which we dry and then steep for tea when ever we get a cold. We drink the tea and then use the steeped leaves for a poultice on our chest to relieve any tightness or croup.

We used to use horse tail for kidney problems. Stinging nettle is also really great. We drink a cup full of stinging nettle tea everyday. It has a surprisingly pleasant taste. They say cancer can't grow where stinging nettle is present. I don't know if it holds true everytime but we give it credit for curing cancer in my brother.

Red raspberry leaves have been a real blessing as have so many other herbs.

Thanks for sharing this post.