Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ways to Use Vegetables from the Garden

A while back one of my faithful readers (Jennifer) asked for some recipes of how I use the vegetables from my garden. Well, most of our vegetables we just eat straight from the garden for snacks and raw for meals. But I do have three recipes that I can share. Two of them are from my childhood and the other is from a recipe book I really enjoy.

Apple and carrot salad- once we grow our fruit this salad will be made completely from our garden. But anyway, we grate the carrots and slice some apples (some people like to add raisins too, but my DH prefers it without) and add a little mayo. This is a very tasty salad and you can't compare the fresh carrots to the store bought ones.

Beet and Bean salad- we steam the peeled beets and green beans, cool them, julienne the beets, add the beans and a little mayo (again some people like to add chives or green onion tops, but my DH prefers it without, so we put a bowl on the table so you can add your own.)

Colorful Cabbage comes from a recipe book by Serene Allison, it is called Rejuvenate Your Life (Recipes for Energy)

Finely chopped medium red cabbage
Finely chopped medium green cabbage
Two to three apples, cubed (preferably a variety that is crisp and tart)
A few good splashes fo raw apple cider vinegar (about 1/2 cup)
Equal the above splashes with extra virgin olive oil
Crack some good rounds of fresh black pepper
Put in a generous four-fingered pinch of sea salt (about 1 TBS)
Throw in a handful of poppy seeds (about 2-3 TBS)
Pour in a taddle or two of pure maple syrup (about a generous 1/4 cup)
Optional-chuck in a handful or two of walnuts (we like to add sunflower seeds instead)

Chop the cabbage by hand. (If you have a Saladacco Spiralizer use the spiral blade without the lid on and crank it out and roughly chop afterwards. This is the quickest and easiest method.) Throw in everything else. Mix around a few times. Taste and adjust flavors. It should have a sweet edge with a vinegary and zesty tang.

Yum, Yum! Great to take for potlucks and parties and a good standard for big hungry families. This recipe makes a lot so if there are just a few of you or even less, don't worry, it keeps in the refrigerator for subsequent lunches. Feel free to adjust the recipe.

My daughters and I really like this recipe.


Jennifer said...

Thanks, Lanita. I can always use a good recipe, how timely for the ingredients too!

Anonymous said...

Your welcome. You know what they say..."Timing is everything!" Happy Harvesting!