Thursday, September 18, 2008

Vacation Day 8 part 2

The second half of day eight was spent at Disney World Hollywood Studios. It was very interesting, especially for Ralph who likes all the behind the scenes "stuff". We saw how they did some of the stunts for Indiana Jones, we went to a sound studio, we took a tour of the back lot and saw some of the props and experienced an earthquake and flood, we went on a Star Wars ride, among other things. Here are a few photos of our experience.
The girls and I at the Indiana Jones part

A fire starts here (I think it is hard to see though) in the back lot because of an earthquake (the tram we are on is shaking and feeling like it is going to fall of the tracks)
Here is the flooding caused by the earthquake breaking water mains (Ralph was getting wet, at least he was able to keep the camera dry)

One of the space craft from Star Wars

A miniature of the New York skyline

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