Sunday, September 7, 2008

My 13th Birthday (Hannah)

On Friday, it was my birthday, but we celebrated it on Saturday, because that was also my older sister's birthday (we take turns celebrating our birthdays on our day). For our dinner, dad bbq'd spare ribs and we had angel eggs and home grow corn picked just that day, then we ate angel food cake with strawberries, that mom made just that morning. Mom and dad gave us books on how to draw flowers and trees, dogs, and all sorts of baby animals. I also got a space experement kit. Mom and dad also gave us two new dvds to watch. I had a very, very good birthday.
Daddy is lighting our candles on our birthday cake
We each received our own Grandmother's Hope Chest book with baking kit and sewing kit
I was thrilled to get this space exploration kit
Daddy and I putting together a human body model for muscles and bones

Here it is completed!

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