Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pictures of Soaps We Have Made

We have been working on increasing our supply of homemade soaps. We are hoping to get some advertising done before the Christmas and also go to at least one craft fair. So here some pictures of what we have been making.

First will be our glycerine soaps.

Here are lavender bars, these were the very first soaps we made
Isn't this a beautiful presentation (Alicia set this up and shot it herself)
This is Plumeria (think Hawaii, Alooooooooooooooooha!)

Here is MelonCucumber, quite refreshing

Next is Peach Jubilee, smells almost good enough to eat!

This is Lavender Rose with some small rose petals in it
(not sure if we will do this again)

Here we have Ylang Ylang Vanilla, very romantic smelling

Finally in the glycerine soaps, we have Rose Vanilla, again with little pieces of rose petals in it
Now we have our lye soap collection.

This was our very first lye soap, we call it TeaTreeMint, it has already become pretty popular. It is made from Red Palm oil, coconut oil, and olive oil; for the scents we used, Tea Tree, Sweet Thyme, Peppermint and Clary Sage. It has a wonderfully clean, refreshing smell, that is not overpowering.

This is Almond, one of my favorite scents

Here is my experiment, it is Coconut Chocolate, it smells absolutely delicious!Here is one that was just made yesterday. This is what it looks like before it is cut. (it made about 40 bars of soap) This has become my new favorite. I call it Sandlewood Bay for Men. I can't wait to have my husband use this.
If you have any suggestions for different soaps just let us know. We are always looking for new ideas for scents. If you would be interested in any of our soaps please contact us .

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Grace said...

If I put peaches on my Jubilee will she smell good enough to eat too :)?

(Let me know how much the soaps are so I can add them to my Christmas shopping list)