Saturday, September 13, 2008

Vacation Day 3

On day three, we went to Disney World. Grandpa Noa and Grandma Tonita gifted the girls and us with 4 day passes to all of the Disney parks. So here we are on Day 3.

We photographed the area where we parked (so we wouldn't forget where the car was:)

We took a ferry from the parking lot to Disney World

Alicia, Hannah and I in the front of Disney World

Our first stop was "It's a Small World"

The girls and I on a train that takes you around the perimeter of Disney World

We took a boat ride through a jungle

Here are the girls in the front of the Swiss Family Robinson tree house

Ralph and I in Tomorrow Land

We let the girls drive in race cars, here is a video of it

Alicia driving a race car (she won't be driving for a VERY LONG time), I was along for the ride

Alicia and Hannah took Ralph on the Tea Cup ride

We also went to a few places that we could not take photos in, such as the Hall of Presidents that had all the presidents in it, the mannequins moved and some of them spoke. It was really interesting. We also went to Mickey's philharmonic in 3-D. The girls and I had never seen any movie in 3-D and found it VERY exciting. They even sprayed us with water and sprayed different scents to enhance the experience. It was a fun day for all! Thank you, Grandpa and Grandma, we really appreciate your gift. We had a wonderful time.

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