Thursday, September 4, 2008

Some Canning done for 2008

The girls and I have been working hard the past week. Last week, we canned 14 quarts of peaches and dehydrated 1/2 gallons of peach slices. Peaches are one of the easiest fruits to can. You just blanch them, pull the skins off, cut in half and remove the pit. This week we have canned 21 quarts of pears and have dehydrated over a gallon of pear slices, we also dehydrated 1/2 gallon of banana chips (which we do almost every week, we really like banana chips). Pears are a little more work than peaches. You can't blanch them, so you have to peel them, slice them and then core them. We have had lots of fun. The girls are learning a lot and should be able to get their badges for canning and dehydrating for Keepers of the Faith. Below are a few photos that Alicia took of our canning. Isn't she becoming quite a good photographer!?! The end of this month we will be getting four boxes of apples. We can't wait, applesauce, apple butter, sliced apples and dried apples. My mouth is watering already!!!
Here is one of our two boxes of peaches
Time to halve those peaches
Watching for the pot to boil (you know what they say about that:)
Here is one of the batches of finished peaches
Pears are a little more work, peeling, coring and slicing, but are they worth it!
Hannah hard at work preparing the pears for canning

Some of our finished pears

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