Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"New" School Year

Last week, after we got unpacked from our vacation, cleaned up the house, we sat down to start a "new" school year. The reason I have new in quotations is because we NEVER stop learning, so our school year never truly has a beginning or ending. We have school seven days a week, 365 days a year. But anyway, we were excited, because we picked up some new books. I found some "old" books that are wonderful. For our language, writing, reading, spelling we are using the McGuffey Readers. The girls really enjoy them. They are fun to read, easy to teach from. We also found a wonderful math program. It is the most practical math program I have found. My girls actually think math is fun now. Before we had many tears and lots of frustration. Now they actually look forward to working in their new book. It is so refreshing to find books that people many years ago used and became successful using them. We are also beginning to learn Latin, with Rosetta Stone. We are also continuing to use our Training Our Daughters to be Keepers at Home curriculum. Next week, they will begin a class on home finances. They continue to cook, learn new crocheting techniques, sewing, they weekly dehydrate foods, they have learned canning, bread making, etc. But of all these things, we truly love our Worship time that we start our day with. We sing hymns with a cd accompaniment, we work on catechism, read from Proverbs for Parents, and work out of the Joy of Womanhood Bible study. We are also studying Washington State history and geography this year. This is going to be another great time of learning. I am looking forward to all that we will be learning, because as I teach the girls, I learn right along with them.

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