Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Yesterday was my birthday

Here I am enjoying being Queen for a day

Yesterday was my birthday. My daughters started the day off by making me a crown and coronating my queen for the day. They then made me breakfast, washed my laundry and got most of my ironing done. I was really a lady of leisure yesterday. They made my favorite lunch, macaroni and cheese with tomatoes and mushrooms, and served watermelon on the side. They also made dinner, Shepherd's pie and applesauce. They then surprised me with a cheesecake that they had made. It was very light and tasted wonderful.

Ralph brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers when he came home from work. I received some wonderful gifts, very large fluffy bath sheets made from turkish cotton, an herb gardening book for Washington/Oregon, a necklace and earrings and a memory box full of wonderful verses, original songs, and thoughts from my daughters.

Hannah and Alicia singing to me

My oldest daughter, Nicole and her husband dropped by for a little while in the afternoon, which was a wonderful surprise. Nicole gave me a handmade card with a wonderful poem that she had written.

I am so blessed to have a family who loves me so much and thinks about me like this on my birthday. I wish everyone could experience this type of love.

Ralph and I relaxing at the end of the day

Yesterday Christopher had to work all day so he missed my birthday. Today he came home though with my birthday gift. He gave me a Dutch oven table. It will be great for using outside on hot days or when we go camping.

My Dutch oven table

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