Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Banana chips, Bread, Soap

This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. We had such a wonderful day today. The sun was shining and the rays were so warm. We started our day early. We weren't able to do laundry (our machine has been broken for 5 days), so we decided to just get to work doing our kitchen work before we headed outside. We started by making bread, we were fresh out so needed to get it made first thing.

Then we made some banana chips. We really enjoy bananas, but can't always find them, so we buy them in bulk when we can, then dry some, make some into smoothies and sometimes freeze them too.

My young ladies making banana chips

Once the bread was rising and the chips were in the dehydrator, we headed outside with all the makings for soap. This was a first for us, we have never made lye soap before. I was a little nervous, so I took a lot of extra time getting the ingredients and supplies together, and still I had the girls running in and getting things that I had forgotten.

I am melting coconut oil and palm oil

Here I am adding GSE for preserving

I am taking the temperature of the lye
I tried to take good notes so I could see exactly what I did, in case something went wrong, or even went right!

Here is the finished product. It will set for 24 hours, then I will hopefully cut it and set it to cure for 6-8 weeks. Isn't that a beautiful color!!

Well, it went smoother then I expected, except for the fact that I had gotten the oils TOO hot and had to wait for about 2 hours for them to cool down. Thankfully the lye stayed warm enough in the interim so I did not have to reheat it. Tomorrow I will open the soap and see how it is doing. I hope I will be able to cut it and set it to finish processing.

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