Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Keepers of the Faith

My daughters have been participating in a Keepers of the Faith group for almost two years. We have six families who participate. There are 31 children in our families. (but only about 15 are old enough to participate.)The boys have learned lots of skills that are important to Young Men. The Young Ladies have made lots of things and learned new skills, such as soap making, flower pressing, candle making, gardening, plastic canvas, baking, decopage, scrapbooking, sign language, rubber stamping, learned about trees and flowers, worked on the trait of cheerfulness and spend one day a month cheering up and playing games with the elderly in a nursing home. They have also memorized several portions of Scripture, as well as the Books of the Bible. This month they learned basket weaving. They really enjoyed this. Their Daddy even told them that they could make them and put some of their homemade soaps into them to sell them.

Hannah with the basket that she made

Alicia with the basket that she made

Our Keepers group ready to get started listening to children say their memory verses

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Rachel said...

Those baskets are so cute!