Friday, June 13, 2008

A busy week

This has been a very busy week. I am just now getting around to uploading our photos. So we will have a montage here of our week.

Hannah and Alicia have been working on Election lapbooks all year and are just about finished with them. Most of the work left to do will come after the conventions and then finish up with the general election. They thoroughly enjoy learning this way.

Here is one of my favorite photos (it is almost two weeks old but I just had to put it on) Don't these young ladies have beautiful faces? God has truly blessed our family with these two young ladies.

Hannah and Alicia decided they wanted to start a book club with some friends, so here they are on Thursday going over the book and some questions they had regarding the first chapter.

Here is the first book they chose to talk through. It is an excellent book for young ladies.

Here are their friends Kylie and Stephanie (holding little Anna) as they are discussing their book.

The ladies were continuing with their dessert baking class this week. We were blessed with oatmeal/raisin cookies, Snickerdoodles and here Hannah is checking the temperature for the Almond Roca. When making candy the temperature must be just right or it won't set properly.

The temperature is almost right, but you must be patient! Hannah is doing a great job at being patient.

Alicia is reviewing the recipe to see what they need to do next. They have become quite proficient at reading and following recipes.

We had waaaaaaay toooooo much rain this week so we are not sure how our garden will fair. Most everything is turning yellow from too much rain. We keep praying that God will still bless our crops as we attempt to provide for the needs of our family.

We had a wonderful surprise on Tuesday with the appearance of our oldest daughter and her husband coming over for dinner. We had a great visit with them and look forward to many more visits.

We had a great week and look forward to tomorrow as we venture down to Yelm, Wa to visit my dad for Father's day.

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Esther said...

So Much More is a truly pivotal book. I used it to teach a class on Fascism last week. The Chapter Fathers, Daughters and Their Enemies shows what Marxism really is: the destruction of Godly order. check out pages 62-5. 20th century Marxists tried to take over two countries and failed. They concluded that their failure was because the family was too strong. So the revolutionaries regrouped and went back preaching feminism and public schools. They took both countries within one generation. I told the young ladies at my class that one of the most important things they can do is honor their parents. If we don't, we are buying into Marxism, a philosophy that has killed tens of millions in the last century alone.
Keep it up Noa girls! You are training to be mothers in Iseral.
~Regina Seppi