Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Retirement Home Visit

Hannah, Kylie, Sarah, Becky and Baby Elayna @ retirement home

The girls made their monthy visit to the retirement home this past week. It is always good to see them interacting with the residents. This time they had a questionaire for the residents. They had to go around to the different residents to get the answers to their questions. They had questions like: Who has served their country in the military? Who had more than 5 children? Who had the same occupation as their father? They went from person to person until they had all of their questions answered. One of the residents really took to Alicia and just sat and talked with her and continued even after everyone else left. When we were getting ready to leave she asked Alicia if she would come back to talk to her again and Alicia assured her that we would return next month. I love seeing the respect that the young people are showing to their elders. We have a great group of young people who come out every month to spend an hour with the residents.
Alicia, Hannah, Little Anna, Stephanie waiting for residents to arrive

Tyler conversing with Jacob while Little Anna loves on her brother, waiting for the residents to arrive

(We didn't take any photos of the residents out of respect for their privacy)

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