Thursday, July 31, 2008

Soap Making

Boy, were we busy this week. My two youngest daughters are starting their own business, so we got to work building up their product base and supplies. We shopped on line for our supplies and and spent Monday and Tuesday making it. We made lye soap and glycerin soaps on Monday, dish soap, clothes soap and softener on Tuesday. Tuesday and Wednesday we received shipments of most of their supplies and should receive the rest next week. We will make another batch of lye soap and glycerin soap on Monday and turn this weeks soap on Tuesday. We will try to make a batch of lye soap every week until we have a good supply. We received some small soap molds so we can make samples of the glycerin soap to give away to see what people prefer. Ralph has developed an flyer for them. We just need to check and see if we can register the name of their company. They are working hard to earn money to buy supplies, as well as putting the soaps together. I am really proud of them for having an entrepeneurial spirit.

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