Saturday, July 12, 2008

Helping our Friends

This week we had the privilege of watching our friends' dog. The dog's name is Ivy, she is a bulldog. She was a lot of fun. We enjoyed playing tug-of-war with her and watching her wiggle around when she was excited. She loved getting as much attention as we would give her. She enjoyed sunning herself on the deck and running with our poodle in the yard. They would chase each other in circles until they were about ready to collapse. She liked to try and sneak food from our dog's dish, but we would just say "Ivy" and she would look at us like, "am I doing something wrong?" She was quite a character.

Here is Ivy being a little bashful

Here is Ivy "hamming" it up for the camera

Ivy sunning herself, looks like she could use a little tan:)

Thank you Silva's for letting us take care of Ivy this week, we really enjoyed her and we are glad that we could help you all out!

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