Saturday, July 26, 2008

Home Church

Last January, we began having a small church in the homes of friends. It started with 3 families (including our's) and has now grown to 6 families. Well, last night we had some friends come to visit us from east of the mountains and they joined us. There were 48 people at our fellowship last night. It was so awesome to see that many people together wanting to fellowship and learn from God's Word. There were 33 children, with 29 of them under the age of 12, and 15 adults. It was such a blessing to see people of all ages talking, eating and worshiping together. We had to meet outside because there wasn't enough room inside, but God blessed us with no rain and it wasn't too cold. There were also NO bugs, which was a miracle since we were out in the country. I thank God for like-minded people who are striving to grow in their walk with God and raise their children to do the same. Here are some photos from last night.

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