Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ralph's Milestone

Today is a wonderful day. Today we are celebrating the day of Ralph's birth. Fifty years ago today he was born to Fernando and Marta at Fort Lewis, Washington. I asked him this morning how it felt to be fifty and he said, "I feel the same as yesterday." Well, in my eyes he grows better and better every day. He has matured from a young man, who didn't always seem to know where he was going, to a man who knows who he is AND where he is going. A man who has come to know the Lord in a very personal way and has lead others to know Him also. I am so proud to call him my husband and the father of our children. I will say the same thing that his parents have said...we are looking forward to another fifty years.

To celebrate Ralph's birthday, Christopher is taking us to dinner, then we are going to see Glen Beck. Below are a few pictures of the gifts we gave him.

Here is a camo shirt for hunting

We also got him a compass that is a replica of what Lewis and Clark used

Alicia made this crocheted ornament that says "Greatest Dad"

Hannah crocheted him a scarf to use while he is hunting

Here are some M & M's I had made with his photo on them and the sayings, "My Banner", "Love of my life", and "My hero".

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