Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Working Family

We had a VERY busy weekend. Ralph and Christopher assembled a floor fan, before the temperatures began climbing. It was a great relief when it climbed into the 90's on Saturday.

On Friday, Ralph pruned some trees so we could plant some rhodie bushes under them. It will look really beautiful once they are established and blooming. The Young Ladies were great helpers putting the branches into the recycling bin.

On Saturday, Christopher and Ralph attached a trailer hitch to our Xterra. It was almost an all day job, they even attached the wires for the lights. I thought it was going to be a "plug and play" job, that will teach me to think. They worked really hard and didn't give up, even when it looked like they were at a dead end, they persevered and "finished the race". I love seeing my men working as a team. They did an AWESOME job!

Christopher explaining to Ralph which bolts needed to be loosened.

Ralph preparing the torque wrench for Christopher.

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