Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What I love about my family

The greatest dad

I love my family very much. The things I love about my dad is that he is so funny, and he is so full of wisdom on history, math, computers, the Bible and so much more. He loves to spend time with us as a family. I love my dad for all the things he has taught me like, fishing, how to tell the good and the bad in all things, he has taught me how to draw, he has taught me to use my imagination and most of all he has taught me you can do just about any thing if you set your mind to, and most of all because he loves the Lord and his family.

I love my mom because she is a good cook, and because she loves babies and children. She has taught me to sew, cook, clean, knit, crochet, love babies and children, iron, garden, read, and to help the elderly. Most of all she has taught me to love God and to love my father.

Alicia is very kind and the things I love about her is that she can make you laugh even if she was not trying to make you laugh, she loves to read with me, play all sorts of things with me, she loves children and babies and they love her. Most of all becuse she is always singing.

I love my brother because he is always making us laugh at dinner and because he always tells us stores of all his adventures. Most of all because he is my only brother and he loves the Lord.

Nicole loves the beach, shells, writing stories and poems , she love astronomy and she loves to make you laugh and she loves animals, and most of all because she loves God.

Lita she is a very silly, cuddly dog who love her family, and loves being outside, she loves rocks, sticks and most of all her blue ball.

I love my family most of all because we all love the Lord and love to help others.

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