Monday, August 25, 2008


We just returned last night from five days of camping. We had a WONDERFUL time. We went with another family so that just multiplied our enjoyment. We had wonderful times around the campfire at night. We visited a mission, a museum, spent time at the beach, (we went to Lake Roosevelt in North eastern Washington) and went fishing. We ate wonderful meals, saw lots of wild life, took a nap or two and just enjoyed each others company. Here are a few photos of our experience.
Here is our campsite
Here are some wild turkeys that were close to our campsiteA couple of fawns we caught sight of at the museum in Colville, Washington, we also saw a buck and doe close to our campsite and heard them calling to each other during the night
An eagle's nest with parents and babies, we heard them squawking, we also would see many of them flying around looking for food
Hannah, Ralph and Alicia in front of a painting of Kettle Falls (the falls no longer exist because of Grand Coulee Dam)
The mission at Kettle Falls, Washington
An old smith shop (notice the giant bellows)

Alicia beside a wagon
Ralph on the porch of a homesteaders home

Bedroom and diningroom in the homesteaders home (notice there is a parents bed, child's bed and a little cradle, this was for a family of at least four, there was also a loft with a bed)
The kitchen in the homesteaders home

Here we are standing in front of a teepee

Alicia and Hannah by Lake Roosevelt

Here we are fishing on Lake Roosevelt

Here is another "angle" of those fishing

Three lovely ladies watch the "big" people fish

Hannah, the fisher woman (she is the only one to catch a fish)

Sunset at Lake Roosevelt, Washington

Our last night around the camp fire

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Rachel said...

You all look like you had fun! Thanks for sharing the pics. It almost makes me want to go camping. LOL