Sunday, April 18, 2010

Parents Euthenize Their Own Children

Charlie Butts - OneNewsNow 

"A recent study reveals that a few physicians may have facilitated the deaths of terminally ill children at their parents' request.

The study was published in the March edition of the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine. Dr. Joanne Wolfe, a palliative pain specialist at Boston's Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Children's Hospital, interviewed 141 parents of children who died of cancer.

"They had found that study 19 of the parents had thought about having their child euthanized, 13 had actually talked about it seriously, five spoke to their physician about it, and in three cases, the parents said that the doctor agreed to give their child a lethal overdose and the child died," reports Alex Schadenberg, executive director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC)."

Unfortunately, this does  not come as a surprise to me. When you get comfortable with killing unborn babies, the next obvious step is to kill those outside of the womb who are a burden to society. May God have mercy on their souls. To read this article in its entirety go to One News Now.

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Sandra said...

There's nothing new under the sun, including sin, but it still is beyond belief, at least, it's beyond my belief.
May God have mercy on us all; we've become too complacent and comfortable in a lot of areas of our lives.