Monday, April 12, 2010

The Fourth Commandment

by Scott T. Brown of National Center for Family-Integrated Churches

"Fear will overrun it
Greed will overturn it
Obsession will overwhelm it
Ungodliness will overthrow it
Antinomianism will nullify it
It has to be kept safe from the barbarians in the heart, the culture and even in the church which will trample on it until there is no one left on earth whose schedule is governed by God. What are we talking about? The Fourth Commandment requires that we, “keep” it, meaning that we guard and protect and build a fence around it so that it is not trampled on.
This is hard because there is a public war against the keeping  the Sabbath day.
As with all the commandments the devil is always waging war with the fourth commandment. He places many stumbling stones in our way and attempts to disfigure it and eliminate it or keep us from it. This is why we must "observe" or guard the Sabbath day.
The French revolutionaires abolished the Sabbath.
In Egypt the children of Israel had lost their computation of it and Pharoah did not allow the children of Israel to observe it.
The pagan enlightenment' philosopher of the eighteenth century, Voltaire, wrote, "if you wish to destroy the Christian religion you must first destroy the Christian Sabbath."

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