Friday, September 25, 2009

The Spoiled Dog

"Boy, Dad, that bread pudding sure looks good."
"ho, hum, I sure would like some bread pudding..."
"is that my bite?"
"It sure looks good, but it is almost gone, I sure would like just a little bite."
"The last bite, I know that one is for me..."
"ahhh, ain't Dad great, he feeds me chocolate cake (ok, it is just bread pudding)"
"Can I have some milk with that bread pudding?"


Carrie said...

That is so funny Lanita!

THanks for sharing

Dawn said...

That is great! Love the Bill Cosby reference!
You could write a book..."If you give a dog some bread pudding..."

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Dawn, I wasn't sure how many people would get the Bill Cosby reference. But I thought it fit.