Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our Encounter With Nature

Yesterday we set out to go fishing. While we enjoyed our day fishing (even though we did not catch anything, except for a few leaves and some branches), the best part of our day was our walk back to the car. As we went down this tree lined path, up ahead of us we saw a small doe in the middle of the path. As we came closer she just stood there and then we noticed a young buck off to the left. He was half hidden by trees and bushes. They just stood there watching us as we came closer and closer to them. We expected them to bolt, but they never did. We came so close to the doe that we could have reached out and touched her, but we did not. As we passed them by, much to our surprise they began to follow us. Ralph had the girls get between us, as we were unsure what the deer might do. The buck had been in a fight (he had a broken antler). As we continued down the path to our car they continued to follow us for a ways. We think they might have been hungry (we were carrying the remains of our lunch with us and they probably smelled it). They finally stopped following us, but we were quite amazed at the experience. God truly created a beautiful creature in the deer. Thank you, God for the blessing of Your creation, that You made for us to enjoy.


Cheri said...

I love seeing dear they are so graceful and beautiful! It is kind of sad they were so friendly though. People have probably been feeding them and it's not good for wildlife to depend on us for food.

Lanita said...

We told the girls that we don't feed the animals because they become dependent on people (which is why we didn't give them any of our leftovers). You could tell that they were not afraid of people. Of course, we joked that they knew it wasn't hunting season yet, so they could boldly walk anywhere they wanted.:)