Friday, September 25, 2009

My First Salmon- Fishing & Obedence Lessons

Today we went fishing for salmon. It was a lot of fun. We went to the Wallace river near Sultan. We left early this morning, after packing a lunch of sandwiches, carrots and nuts. The weather was nice and sunny. There were lots of fish jumping and we caught a lot of them, but they only broke our lines. I caught 4 fish and got them just about on shore when they broke my line. We forgot our nets at the car (all three of them) and we were quite a ways away from the car, so we did not go back to get them. But then I caught one! It was 21 inches from head to tail. I do not know how much it weighed. It was very slimy. It put up a good fight. When we got it on shore it was still flopping a lot, so I whacked its head on the rocks to knock it out. Then I put it in a plastic bag, and took the hook out of the fish. The fish woke up and started to bite threw the bag, so I wrapped it up in the bag and it flopped around for a while before it died. I know you are probably wondering what it has to do with obedience. When I had hooked the first few fish (the ones that got away) I was reeling them in at my own pace and speed and it got away. But then my mom instructed me on how to do it better. I followed her instructions, and I caught my fish (the one in the picture). So I learned it is better to trust my parents experience and obey them immediately. If I had not obeyed mom immediately I would not have caught my fish and would not have been very happy. But I am excited I caught my fish. But most of all I am happy for this lesson on the importance in trusting the lessons my parents teach me. I hope everybody will find the same joy, when they obey their dad and mom or God immediately.

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Becki said...

Great job Hannah! I love that you shared the lesson you learned too :)