Saturday, October 4, 2008

Winter Sewing for 2008-2009

We are getting settled into our fall routine and it is now time to get our winter sewing done. I am trying for the first time, to make winter coats. My daughters grew out of theirs again, and it is time for new ones. We have looked at a couple of stores and they were either too short or too expensive or not warm enough. So I decided to make them. I had purchased the pattern last year from a great pattern supplier. On Saturday, I cut out the outer layer of the coat, it is made from a medium weight blue denim. I ordered the lining on Friday (it was on sale so I got a great price for it) and it will be delivered next Friday. I will sew together the outside this week, then when the lining comes in I will cut it out and finish assembling the coats. I can't wait for them to be complete. They are going to be so warm.

I will also be making other warm clothes for this winter. I love to sew and I love to see my family wearing the clothes that I make and know that they will be warm and comfortable during the winter.

Our dog thought I was sitting on the floor so I could play with her, she kept bringing her ball for me to throw.


Becki said...

Oooooh! You will have post pics of the finished product :) We are still working on skirts and aprons. Going to attempt curtains for Abby's room soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Good idea, Becki. I will also try to remember to get some photos of the clothes we made for our vacation.
Wow, I am impressed that you are working on other things now. Isn't it awesome once you get started? I am proud of you, Becki. Is Abby trying her hand at sewing?

Becki said...

She is a little bit, it's hard because I'm still learning, so it's hard to show her what to do. But the interest is there. She's currently earning a trip to the fabric store for curtain material. :) I started crocheting again too. She has picked that up and is working on washcloths with me. A friend gave me some years ago, that I love, but they are finally starting to fall apart. They were easier than I thought to make. BTW, I got a Sewing for Dummies book. LOL It really helps though. I want to take a class, but the one I found conflicted with soccer. So hopefully the next session will work out.