Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Opening a Baby Coconut

Well, I made my first attempt at opening a baby coconut. And I did a pretty good, job if I don't say so myself. (I know boasting it not becoming, but I was proud of myself.) Of course, I had some help. A wonderful lady wrote this cookbook and included the "art" of opening a baby coconut. I am disappointed though, Hannah thought she was taking a video with our camera, but I guess it didn't work. But I do have some photos. And for my family, I was VERY careful (HA!HA!) and didn't cut off any fingers! Maybe it is a good thing that the video didn't turn out.
Getting started by cutting off the tip, notice that the baby coconut is not brown or round
Cutting into the inner shell and getting the hole started
Cutting off a little more of the top
I am making the hole bigger

I am pouring out the milk, we ended up with 12 ounces, it made a wonderful base for our carrot, celery, apple smoothie, we used the coconut meat for another smoothie.

FYI-did you know that the coconut milk is the closest food to mother's milk available from nature? Isn't God great!!!

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