Tuesday, October 7, 2008

But What About Deborah?

Why the Example of Deborah Does not Support the Candidacy of Sarah Palin.
William Einwechter has written an indepth article giving the historical context of the Book of Judges; the "function" of the judges in the Book of Judges; the role of Deborah in the Book of Judges; explains that Deborah was not really the judge, that role belonged to Barak; explains why "the example of Deborah and its normative significance and application must be harmonized with the didactic portions of Scripture"; he brings up the point that if the example of Deborah is used to say it is ok to vote for a female magistrate that it will lead to justifying female church rulers; he concludes with "The Example of Deborah Does Not Establish the Propriety of Female Rulers or the Candidacy of Sarah Palin".

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