Saturday, October 4, 2008

A GREAT Bread recipe

A friend of mine shared a great recipe for Challah (Jewish bread), so I decided to try to make it yesterday. It turned out pretty good for my first try. Although one of the loaves looks almost like a trussed up turkey (I think I need some work on my bread braiding:) and my wonderful husband felt it could have cooked a little longer. I brought it last night to share with our Home Church (we eat a meal before we worship). Both loaves were almost completely gone, of course, I think there were two boys (wink, wink) who ate a good portion of one loaf. I was so glad to see two young men enjoying home made whole wheat bread, rather than the white paste most children like. (I know that both of these boys are used to eating healthier food.)


Juggling Frogs said...

Those look wonderful, and it's very authentic to have a pair of them!

(We use two loaves on Shabbat for two reasons:

1. One loaf is for the "remember" and one loaf for the "guard" in the two versions of the Ten commandments - "Remember the Sabbath day..." and "Guard the Sabbath day..." etc.)


2. Since collecting the mon in the dessert was forbidden on the Sabbath, we collected two portions on Fridays. The two loaves are a reminder of this.

Just discovered your blog via Twittermoms, and am looking forward to exploring it. All the best.

Juggling Frogs said...

P.S. Here are a couple of my challah recipes that I make every week:

Juggling Frogs said...

P.P.S. The seeds (sesame, poppy, whatever) on top of the bread are also symbolic of the mon in the desert.