Thursday, July 21, 2011

What a Little Girl Should Be Taught

• To cook plain wholesome food
• To make her own clothes
• To be neat and orderly
• To care for her own room
• To learn well the art of housekeeping
• To care for her person
• To exercise a quiet reserve in the presence of boys and men
• That all cheap talk is unbecoming
• That loose jokes about “beaux” and “lovers” are improper
• That modesty is a priceless treasure, and will prove her surest protector
• That her brothers are better escorts than most other young men
• That her mother is her best companion and counselor
• That her dress should be plain and not the chief subject of her thoughts or conversation
• That she should wear only such styles of clothing as will cover her person modestly
• That it is better to be useful than ornamental
• That there will be time enough to learn fancy work after she has learned to darn stockings
• That the old rule, “A place for everything and everything in its place,” is a good one
• That she should dress for health and comfort as well as for appearance

Home and Health © 1907, Pacific Press Publishing


Cheri said...

Love it! :)

Anonymous said...

Michelle Diaz put these on face book. I thought they were so good that I copied for the blog. I am glad you enjoyed them!