Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What Little Boys Should Be Taught (1907)

• To be strong and brave—a little man
• To shun evil companions
• To respect gray hairs
• To be gentle
• To be courteous
• To be prompt
• To be industrious
• To be truthful
• To be honest
• To prefer the companionship of his sisters over other girls
• To honor his father and mother
• To be temperate
• To discard profanity
• To be thoughtful and attentive
• To keep himself pure
• To be his sister’s protector
• To refuse to listen to vulgar jokes or stories
• To use common tools skillfully
• To care for his own room
• To do all kinds of housework
• To earn money and to take care of it
• To be neat and orderly in his habits and appearance
• To be self-reliant
• To be his father’s partner

Home and Health © 1907, Pacific Press Publishing


Cheri said...

What a great list! Imagine if all little boys were taught these things...

Where's the little girls list? I'd be curious to see what is on it! :)

Anonymous said...

I just posted the girls' list. I think they are both really good. Enjoy!!

Cheri said...

Thanks! :)