Thursday, December 24, 2009

Looking For A Tree

The Saturday before Christmas, we went to a Christmas tree farm to find our Christmas tree. Hannah and I got to help our Dad cut it down. We had fun being together as a family.
Here is the Noa family Christmas tree

Here I am helping Daddy cut it down

Here is Hannah giving it a try too

We got it!

Mommy and Daddy putting the lights on it

Hannah and I putting on the ornaments

Daddy topping it off with the angel
All done, doesn't it look GREAT!


Jennifer said...

When I saw the little thumb nail picture on my side bar of Ralph, I thought he was bald! Glad to see that he's still got all his hair and it was just a hat!!!


Lanita said...

Yes, he has a full, thick head of hair, which he is proud of. (I made that hat!!!)

Cheri said...

I love your tree. You got some great pictures! :)