Monday, August 3, 2009

Our 29th Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday my WONDERFUL husband and I celebrated our 29th anniversary with our two youngest daughters. I told my husband I thought it was our best anniversary. He took the day off and we spent it together as a family. It was very relaxing. We went for a walk, came home and sang some hymns, the girls learned most of the songs on the latest Serene and Pearl cd and sang them for us, I made my husband a DVD of our life together up until now, he took us all out to dinner and we had an impromptu time of fellowship with two of the families from our home church.

I am so blessed by God for bringing Ralph into my life and for keeping us together for these 29 years and blessing us with four wonderful children and a son-in-law. I am so looking forward to the next 29 years and how God is going to bless us and prosper us, He has a plan for our future and only He knows what it holds.


Rachel said...

Happy Anniversary!! (albiet a little late.)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Rachel.

Becki said...

Happy Anniversary!