Monday, May 4, 2009

Conference & Retreat

A week ago I attended the Christian Heritage Conference, with Voddie Baucham as the main speaker and workshop speakers such as, Ken Carpenter, Mike Riddle, Scott and Deborah Brown. The Theme was, "Passing On the Faith, In a Faithless World". Voddie is an awesome speaker, he knows God's Word and is able to speak in such a way as to engage the people. He does not beat around the bush, but tells it like it is. I so appreciate his style of preaching.

The workshops we attended or picked up the cd's for were: Mike Riddle's-Astronomy, UFO's, Science and the Bible; Cloning, Stem Cells and Life; God's Amazing Creation. Ken Carpenter's-Films, TV, & My Homeschooling Family; Lights, Camera, Action!. Scott Brown's-How the Church & Family Are a Blessing to One Another; Protecting Your Daughters. Deborah Brown's-Raising Daughters/Raising Helpmeets; Keeping Going: Living by God's Priorities.

It was an amazing experience. In all my years of attending conferences, this was by far the BEST. I can't say enough good about it. God was glorified and the family was equipped.

This past weekend, I attended a retreat for mothers who home school and for daughters who are over 12 years old. We have our daughters attend so they can be introduced to being a part of the world of godly women and helpmeets. We want them to interact with godly women and godly young ladies. We call them MIT's (mother's in training). It was such an AWESOME time! God blessed our time together so much.

We had times of prayer, reading God's Word, playing games and LOTs of talking. Our young ladies were so helpful too. They helped with meals, cleaned the kitchen, fed and changed babies, rocked babies to sleep. They also had plenty of time to walk, talk and sing together. I thank God for new friends and becoming closer to ladies I have been friends with for awhile.

God is so good!!!!

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