Saturday, October 15, 2011


Mother!  If you think you're just a housewife
And your life is dull and drear
Because you don't bring home the pay
And you don't have a career.
'cause you don't get out amongst the crowd,
To find out all that's new,
Just listen for a moment
For I have news for you.
There's not a more important work
Throughout all the land,
Because you have the power
To change the world; within your hand.
So bring up your children
In the best way that you know.
For the way they are brought up
Is the way the world will go.
They'll be leaders or followers
In twenty years or so
And their leadership will hinge
On everything they know.
So bring them up in the ways of God
So they may understand
If He's the ruler of their life
Then He will rule the land.
This is the only hope we have
For peace and joy, we know.
So mother, you must do your best.
It's the only way to go.
So mother, don't you feel left out
You're indispensable, my dear,
For the way the world will go
Depends on your career.
Harry Kruse

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