Thursday, November 5, 2009

What are practical ways to involve and teach your preschoolers during your family devotional times

"We will never have meaningful family worship if we don’t unplug. Christianity is in many ways a quiet, contemplative, meditative, religion. Listening to God’s word requires concentration and discipline. Singing biblical, theologically driven songs requires paying attention. Prevailing in prayer requires perseverance. How do we expect this from children whose entire religious foundation is built upon entertainment? Ironically, one of the most important things small children learn in family worship is the discipline of ‘sitting through’ something that is not necessarily entertaining."

To read this entire article, go to Voddie Baucham Ministries.


mpence said...

Learning to sit still during the reading on the one year bible and discussion thereof is definately a challenge...for some more than others at my house, but I feel it is very important!

On the positive note for this, I am frequently amazed at how well my girls are able to pick up on real life situations being like what we have read in the bible! So it is definately time well spent!

I also do not feel it is WRONG to have fun and learn biblical truths - we are having so much fun with our family nights, and the girls really are learning biblical truths...not sure where the balance is for this though!

Anonymous said...

There is a time to have fun and learn, but children also need to know that the Bible is serious and needs to be respected and honored, (which I think your girls do). Your children sit very well during church because they have been taught to do so. If you had not practiced they would not know the importance of it.