Monday, November 16, 2009

Candle Making

Here we are getting the supplies out...plenty of bees wax and wicking and a rack to dry them on

Tying weights onto the wicking so you get straight candles (thank you West Ladies for the tip)
Wow, this smells soooooo good.
Melting the wax

Hannah's turn to dip
Ralph even tried his hand at dipping
Here they are after 4 or 5 dips
After drying for several hours, here is the finished product, not bad for our first try. We are looking forward to doing this again. We have a long way to go. My goal is 400 candles. (we made 24 the first time)


Lorentzen Family said...

That is so cool!!!! I want to try...

Lanita said...

it really is easy, Jennifer. Maybe you can come by sometime when we are making them and you can give it a try. You could even go home with some homemade candles:)

Becki said...

Fun! And handy to know how to do!

Jennifer said...

What fun! I just love the posts that you write with all the pictures of what you are up to!