Monday, October 19, 2009

Orange Peels

Here is another frugal tip for my Frugal Sisters.

This time of the year you are always encouraged to take lots of vitamin C, but of course, it can be very expensive buying it for the whole family. So here is a great way to use up your orange peels. Peel your oranges and put the peels aside. Make sure the peels can lay flat, you might have to cut them into small pieces. Put them in your dehydrator and dry them until they are brittle. Then put them into your food processor or mortal and pestle and grind it until it becomes a powder. And there you have it, homemade Vitamin C powder.

Ready for the dehydrator

Not quite dry enough


Jennifer said...

No way... really!? I just can't believe all of the stuff I've thrown away for YEARS that are so useful. Thanks so much!

Lanita said...

It is really sad that everyone doesn't know these things. A lot of really useful things are thrown away everyday. I can't wait to find use for other things that I throw away all the time.