Monday, June 15, 2009

My Brother

I only have one brother and he is very special to me in a lot of ways.

My brother is in the Navy and I am glad he is. He tells us so many stories about places where he has been and what he has seen. I say that he is the best the storyteller in the world.

He is a very kind and loving brother I could not ask for a better brother. He is one that can make people of all ages from baby's to the elderly laugh. My brother is very encouraging, one time I didn't know how to figure out a math problem and he helped me and then it was very easy.

When my brother is away he always sends letters or calls us. Lately, he has been calling every week which is very nice.

He is a very happy person and I can not remember a time when he was not wearing a smile. When I get upset or am not wearing a smile around him he try's to make a sad face to make us happy again and it always works.

I love my brother a lot and do not know what our family would be like with out him.

My brother in his new suit.

My favorite picture

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Miss Serenity said...

Wonderful post, Hannah! Aren't brothers blessings?