Monday, March 16, 2009

My sister

I really like my sister she makes the house always feel like home. She is always walking around the house singing hymns and she always likes to do things with me. I like doing things with her. It is always easy to do things with her because we both like to do the same things, like, draw pictures, and sing hymns. Her three favorite hymns that I know of are: In my heart there rings a Melody, When peace like a River and In the garden . Her favorite types of books to read are biographies and the Bible. She is always looking for ways to help others and she loves every night to massage our daddy's feet. She loves baby's and when she sees one she always has to hold them. She can do a lot of things that other girls do not know how to do, she can sew, cook, feed and change a baby's diaper, she knows how to wash and iron laundry, she is a good singer and is very good at math. She likes it when someone in our household gets sick, not because they are sick, but because she likes to help them get better. I wish every one could have a sister like her .


Rachel said...

What a sweet tribute! How awesome to see two siblings get along and love each other so well.

Anonymous said...

They truly are a blessing.

d said...

That is beautiful. You are blessed.