Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Special Breakfast for My Daughter

This morning I got up and made a special breakfast for my 2nd daughter. Let me back up a bit. I gave all three of my daughters coupons for Christmas. One of the coupons was a special breakfast from Noa's Cafe. So Alicia came to me on Thursday and asked if she could redeem her coupon. I told her of course. She asked if she could invite her sister and Dad, and of course I agreed. Then I asked her what she would like to eat, she told me just scrambled eggs and bacon, but didn't sound real thrilled. Well, earlier in the week we had been going through my cookbook and came across Crepes and the girls showed interest in it. So I got up this morning and made Strawberry-Blueberry Crepes topped with sprinkled powdered sugar and a sprig of lemon balm, bacon, milk and a cup of coffee. I lit three candles and set the plates already arranged on the table before I invited the girls out for breakfast (Ralph was already there). Alicia was beaming when she saw the table (I wish I had thought to have the camera ready). Everyone sat down and really enjoyed the meal.
We usually only have "hot breakfasts" on Tuesday evenings. Most mornings we have granola, toast, or oatmeal. So this was a real treat. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this for her and hope this will be a great memory for her.

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Dawn said...

What an awesome memory for your family! I enjoyed reading that today!