Saturday, May 24, 2008

Gardens and Grooming Dogs

Today was definitely a busy day. After the special breakfast for Alicia, I groomed our poodle. She does not cooperate so she got a couple of nicks and some places are still a little shaggy.

Angelita jumping for the camera ("I am finally through getting groomed")

Angelita Noel and her better side after being groomed

We also watered our garden, as it was getting warm today (in the high 70's) and it was looking like it could use some water. We found that Alicia has some radishes coming up, I have some lettuce (along with my tomato and jalapeno pepper plants already growing) and Hannah had some peas growing. We look forward to seeing much bigger plants in the next few days.

Alicia's radish

Alicia and her garden

Hannah by her garden

Me by one of my two garden beds

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