Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Do We See God's True Handiwork?

 by RVD at the Christian Pundit

"We love going through these houses and marveling at how men have taken raw materials from creation, used their gifts to cut, carve, shape and paint, and make something that brings delight: a porch with intricate stone work framing a lovely view; a Durer etching in exactly the right alcove; cut glass that takes sunlight and turns it into thousands of rainbows on a tile floor.

But how often do I take the time to delight in the Lord’s work in the souls of His people? When do I see the Creator’s handiwork in the life of a saint and wonder? Does evidence of sanctification in another believer cause me to marvel as much as Chippendale furniture does?"

Go to the Christian Pundit and read the entire article.

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