Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Preacher's Responsibility

Posted by Scott T. Brown on January 10, 2012, at NCFIC

A preacher has a number of responsibilities and hopes for the congregation. Here are a few of them:

1. Represent the words of God to them accurately, so that they can compare everything in their lives with the truth of Scripture
2. Give them a vision of the majesty of God
3. Help them find their greatest delight and happiness in God
4. Instruct them in the flow of history and their place in history
5. Show them the world as it really is
6. Equip them for the work of the ministry
7. Explain and dissect their problems in the light of Scripture so they can see who they really are
8. Bring the whole congregation to live no longer in the flesh but in the Spirit
9. Question the ungodly traditions of the congregation
10. Oppose the sins that have taken root
11. Confront their prejudices
12. Contradict their philosophy
13. Expose the nature of paganism and how it is affecting them
14. Stop them from drinking from the poison well
15. Terrify them with the law and the consequences of breaking it
16. Kill their self love
17. Destroy their comforts in their good works and moralistically high view of themselves
18. Expose their self-congratulatory spirit
19. Incite them to repent
20. Show them their inner pharisee
21. Confront their lack of love
22. Counsel them to grow in love through mercy and forgiveness
23. Stand in the way of their current desires
24. Lower their opinions of themselves
25. Raise their opinions of Christ
26. Cast them hopeless on the gospel of Christ
27. Convert the lost
28. Console them with the gospel
29. Comfort the broken hearted
30. Give hope to those who have lost it
31. Bind up the weak, through Him who is strong
Only God by the power of His Holy Spirit can fall on a congregation for these things.

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