Monday, September 26, 2011

A Single Mom Writes Letter About Youth Ministry

"I am a single mother, home educating three children. We cannot base what we do as a church, or as an individual believer upon our own subjective experiences or circumstances. If the Lord has commanded a way to live, He will provide the means."

Read the entire letter at NCFIC.  You will get a great perspective of how the church SHOULD be working, but isn't most of the time.

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The Stetson family said...

What an amazing and truth filled letter. I knew a single mom once who homeschooled. She said that as soon as she became a single mom everyone put pressure on her to put her kids in school and youth programs. She trusted in the Lord to provide a way and although I only knew her about a year it looked like she was in it for the long haul. Thanks for posting that. Wish more people could read it and take a closer look at segregated youth ministry.