Thursday, May 26, 2011

Herbal Book Recommendation

I went to a preparedness seminar a couple of weeks ago and am finally getting around to writing a little about it. One of the seminars I went to was what to do if there is no doctor available. The presenter was an RN. She was very passionate about what she had to say. She felt it is very important for us to utilize NOW the "medicines" that God created for us to use. So here are three books that she recommended. I ordered all three from, they were used so cheaper than if purchased brand new. I am so excited to be able to read about the herbs and their usages. She highly recommended that you pick up the PDR (physicians desk reference) for Herbal Medicines as soon as you can, because she really is convinced that it won't be available to the public much longer, just because they don't want us to know how good the herbs are for us and that we can take care of ourselves. Just remember this is for informational purposes only, it is imperative that you do due diligence when researching the benefits of herbs in your diet and for your family.

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